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Re: Problem to activate braille support with Gnopernicus

Nath <nath.ml@free.fr> writes:

>>> I have installed gnome 2.4 on my Debian box with gnopernicus and BRLTTY
>>> .deb packages. After, I initialised the following keys using gconftool-2
>>> :
>>> gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/gnopernicus/srcore/br_active true
>>> gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/gnopernicus/braille/device BRLTTY
>>> In gnopernicus I indicate that the number of the graphic console is 7
>>> and I generate the file /etc/brltty/brlapi-key.
>> First of all, /etc/brlapi-key is generated automatically when brltty is installed,
>> so you probably dont need to do that manually.
> Yes, true ! the file has been generated.
>> Secondly, the GUI of Gnopernicus is bogus when it comes to BRLTTY
>> support.  The graphical console number you changed does not
>> affect anything.  You need to set the CONTROLVT environment variable, just as
>> you do for the DISPLAY variable, before you start gnopernicus.
>> So, something like:
>> export CONTROLVT=7
>> should do the trick.
>> (I should probably file a bugreport about this in GNOME bugzilla).
> I made this change too but always the same problem, no braille support !
> Others things I tried :
> -made a link between /etc/brlapi-key and /etc/brltty/brlapi-key because
> in the gnopernicus explanations found in the brltty package it is
> indicated that the brlapi-key must be in /etc/brltty
I just looked, and did not find this anywhere.
Anyway, what are the permissions on your brlapi-key file?

> - add the user nath to the dialout group in order that nath can be able
> to access the /dev/ttyS0 device
Gnopernicus does not touch /dev/ttyS0 at all when used with
BRLTTY.  It opens a TCP connection to the localhost by default,
and does all communication via that socket.
So if you are running gnopernicus as some user other than root,
you should ensure that this user can read the brlapi-key file.

> Below the error gnopernicus returns :
> error opening brlapi connection
> brl_open_device: open device failed
> ** BRAILLE initialization failed for BRLTTY on port 1

Is there no other output?  Possibly above the first line you quoted?
I am wondering, since there is no indication which error happened.

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