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Re: Precompiled 2.4.22-speakup packages

mike@milliways.cx (Mike Mattice) writes:

> On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 12:09:23AM +0200, Mario Lang wrote:
>> Since there has been no real progress on the speakup front recently, I
>> decided to do an update of the kernel-image-speakup-i386 packages.
>> Find a preliminary version of the upcoming 2.4.22-speakup kernel packages
>> at http://people.debian.org/~mlang/speakup-2.4.22/
> What version of speakup did you end up using with this?

The version of the packages currently at the URL I posted is compiled
with the kernel-patch-speakup package version 20021221 (effectively
speakup-1.5).  However, since then I updated the kernel-patch package
to current speakup CVS, since the differences between 1.5 and current CVS
are really quite significant.  Especially the fact that in current CVS, there
are no keymap modifications via loadkeys necessary.  This should make
proper interaction with various user-space situations more robust.
I am currently testing the speakup cvs (version 2.0) patched kernel, and
will upload the new stuff to same the location including source packages soon.

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