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Re: Problem to read the entire screen on Sid with BRLTTY

Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:

> Boris Daix <Boris.Daix@insa-lyon.fr> writes:
>> I tested dialog/whiptail by hand, and dialog has the behavior we don't
>> want (only buttons are selectable with cursor, items in lists are just
>> color selected).  whiptail works fine : <TAB>, move down/up (I can't
>> reproduce the display bug I have with modconf by using whiptail
>> manually -- for the moment).
> Can you retry if this "display bug" with modconf
> still persists?  I just read modconf sources, and modconf
> definitely uses whiptail, and *only* whiptail, no dialog.
> (look at modules/dialog in modconf sources).

The bug I was describing about list object scrolling has been "fixed"
for a long time, I don't know when exactly.  It may be still there in
boot floppies -- so will be "fixed" as whiptail will be used

> I tried modconf (I usually don't use it), and I could
> not see any display bugs.

Still one thing with modconf : when launched, the cursor isn't upon
the selected line, "Finished. Return to previous menu.", but is at the
bottom-right corner of the screen instead.  By scrolling down once, it
comes to the selected (and empty) next line, so all fall back to
normal. Oh, we can cry about the fact that cursor is put at the end of
line instaed of beginning (with normal list items), but it sounds
minor as it is already on the selected line.

Boris Daix

   "In Freedom We Trust" (IFWT)
    (C) 2003 by Boris Daix ;-)

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