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Re: Problem to read the entire screen on Sid with BRLTTY

Boris Daix <Boris.Daix@insa-lyon.fr> writes:

> I tested dialog/whiptail by hand, and dialog has the behavior we don't
> want (only buttons are selectable with cursor, items in lists are just
> color selected).  whiptail works fine : <TAB>, move down/up (I can't
> reproduce the display bug I have with modconf by using whiptail
> manually -- for the moment).

Can you retry if this "display bug" with modconf
still persists?  I just read modconf sources, and modconf
definitely uses whiptail, and *only* whiptail, no dialog.
(look at modules/dialog in modconf sources).

I tried modconf (I usually don't use it), and I could
not see any display bugs.

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