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Re: Installing Debian

Hi.  There are speakup boot floppies on the speakup websight.


There ar a few things to know about these floppies.  The Potato floppies
are an earlier version of speakup, but they will work without problems.
Even though Potato is an earlier version of Debian, you can use them to
get a current Debian up and running.  Once you have the base system
installed, just edit your sources.list to point to the branch of Debian
you want.

The Woody boot floppies were made before Woody was a final release.
They have a bug with installing on a network that uses DHCP.
If you need DHCP support during the initial install, use the Potato
floppies.  If your network uses static IP addresses, the Woody floppies
will work.  Once again, you can upgrade to the branch of Debian you want
early in the install process by editing your sources.list.

You should be able to use your custom kernel once you have Debian

Hope this helps.

On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 10:26:48PM -0700, Justin Ekis wrote:
> Hi all,
> What would be the easiest way to install debian?
> I've tried two other distros and debian just sounds like the best fit
> for me. I'd prefer Debian Unstable.
> I've heard about installing using either a serial terminal or via telnet
> over a network. I have a laptop running slackware I can use for these,
> and I have a network that we set up to share the internet connection.
> How fesable are these options? I'd like to use one of those so I can
> have the speech and review functions I'm used to. If I remember
> correctly, there's no way right now to run speakup from installation
> media. Correct me if I'm wrong.
> My other option is to use brltty from the cdrom. I suppose I could try
> that but I have never used brltty before. I'm not even sure it works
> with my braille display. I have a braille lite m20 and the docs only
> mention earlier models. How well does this work?
> Finally, I just built a custom kernel for my system with speakup. It's
> quite small and very fast. Can
> I just drop that in after installing Debian?
> Thanks.
> Justin Ekis
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