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Re: Debian Installer

Kenny Hitt <kennyhitt@knology.net> writes:

> Hi.  Is there a version of Debian Installer which will use a screen
> reader to give access to the installation program?

d-i is very modular so there may be a lot of "versions".  Because of
its great desing, BRLTTY-enabled ones may not be so different from the
others.  The main task is to provide the BRLTTY udeb package ("light"
.deb package) required, and to find a way to set BRLTTY's parameters
before it starts.  Mario Lang is involved in this task :


and I know he'll discuss this better.

We will make a point about "Installing Debian" soon.

Boris Daix

   "In Freedom We Trust" (IFWT)
    (C) 2003 by Boris Daix ;-)

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