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Re: New Debian Academy announcement among the community

Hi Jathan

+1 to this too, I am in touch with local group who can send out messages so once the wording is complete, e-mail sent out I will forward on.


On 19/03/2021 11:54, Emmanuel Arias wrote:
Hi Jathan,

Sadly I lost focus on Debian Academy from the endening of the last year.
This year I would like to retake this challenge again, so a IRC meeting (or
any other meeting) would be great to me. I read on Sandstorm, and I can
note the mail from Prozcenter, I live in Argentina, so maybe the contact will
be easier if you consider a good option.


On Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 7:36 PM jathan <jathan@debian.org <mailto:jathan@debian.org>> wrote:


    Having a conversation today at IRC with zleap and reading the last
    messages of other members of the team, I was thinking it could be a good
    idea to make a new announcement about Debian Academy among some Debian
    mailing lists or write something together to be published in a Debian
    News announcement with the help of the Debian Publicity Team, in case
    more people would like to take advantage of the platform to create a
    course or also with technical help in Moodle. We can start drafting
    something about the Debian Academy announcement in our Sandstorm:


    I have started the draft at the bottom of the Sandstorm content:

    Debian Academy new anouncement through Debian Publicity Team and Debian
    News inviting to create courses and helping in our Moodle platform
    ### Invitation body text
    Have you ever thought teaching something about Debian development or
    something else in benefit of our wonderful community? Debian Academy is
    ready! We invite to anyone to create a course or help in our E-learning
    platform with moodle:
    https://academy.debian.net/my/ <https://academy.debian.net/my/>
    ### Invitation body text

    The final text could be shared with the Debian Publicity Team in their

    Those who can, please participate in the drafting of the invitation in
    the Sandstorm to make it the best possible content,


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