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Re: Building my own Debian m68k NETINST ISO from Debian Installer kernel and initrd

Hi Carlos!

I have finally found the time to look at hd-media images.

On 12/9/21 23:24, Carlos Milán Figueredo wrote:
> The changes I have made to the debian-installer configurations to the m68k builds right are fairly simple:
> In /build/pkg-lists/hd-media/m68k.cfg added following lines:
> pata-modules-${kernel:Version}
> fat-modules-${kernel:Version}
> ext4-modules-${kernel:Version}
> affs-modules-${kernel:Version}
> loop-modules-${kernel:Version}
> In /build/pkg-lists/nativehd/m68k.cfg added following line:
> nic-modules-${kernel:Version}

I just wanted to update this and now I'm wondering whether we actually still need the "nativehd"
media type or whether we can just merge it with the "hd-media" type which is what's being used
on the other architectures.

>From the git history, it looks like nativehd is an old image type that is only being used at all
on m68k but not on the other architectures. I will perform a test installer build and check what's
actually in the initrd.

Did you use the "hd-media" or the "nativehd" image for your tests?


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