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Re: Legacy IDE to be removed

On Mär 22 2021, Stan Johnson wrote:

> My issue with the retirement of legacy IDE isn't technical. Two of the
> systems that I use are a PowerBook Wallstreet and a PowerBook 3400c.
> Both of these laptops have internal IDE drives, an external SCSI port,
> and require BootX to boot into Linux. BootX wants explicit specification
> of the root device (e.g. /dev/sda4, /dev/hda4, etc.). With libata, the
> disk drive names change depending on what is connected to the SCSI port.
> I'm aware that I can use "UUID=" or "LABEL=" in /etc/fstab, but that
> naming convention doesn't work with BootX. So using BootX will become
> more complicated depending on connected SCSI devices, if any.

Does it work to use /dev/disk/by-{uuid,label}/...?


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