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Re: Bug#942795: Acknowledgement (libsoxr: Building with "nocheck" results in a broken soxr.pc pkg-config file)

On 10/23/19 5:23 PM, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> This was added by Helmut to fix a FTCBFS.  Are you sure removing the
> -DBUILD_TESTS=0 doesn't break cross builds?

Yes. You can verify that removing the whole paragraph still makes "nocheck"
work the what you expect it, i.e.. the testsuite is still not run. I'm not
sure why that extra paragraph would be needed.

> Also, the fact that a thing such as BUILD_EXAMPLE affects the content of
> the .pc files sounds wrong on many levels, so I'd rather see it fixed
> some other way.

Indeed. But I have not figured out yet what the issue is. I can just say
that building with "nocheck" currently results in a broken .pc file.

> I haven't tested, but in particular I noticed this oddity in the
> top-level CMakeFile.txt:
> 103 if (${BUILD_EXAMPLES})
> 104   project (${PROJECT_NAME}) # Adds c++ compiler
> 105 endif ()
> that looks very suspicious.
> So, I wrote a different patch (that one day should be forwarded
> upstream) and committed it.
> BTW, Adrian: autopkgtest is reporting a new error, specifically a
> segfault in amd64.  That looks incredibly suspicious, could you please
> look at it?  I'd like to see a fix for that before doing a new upload.

Hmm. That's odd. The testsuite passes fine, so I'd be surprised the last
patch is the cause for this. I have to take a look what autopkgtest does


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