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Re: Kernel does not boot on TT030

Ah, ok. We will try that.

Thanks a lot,

Am 30.08.2018 um 00:34 schrieb Michael Schmitz:
Quick clarification - stram_pool is only required if the kernel gets
loaded to TT-RAM (no -s option).



On Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 8:30 PM Michael Schmitz <schmitzmic@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Stefan,

Am 29.08.2018 um 01:00 schrieb Finn Thain:
On Tue, 28 Aug 2018, Stefan Niestegge wrote:

the kernel does not start up and run the D-I from the initrd. A serial
terminal was connected to one TT, but all it received was "ABCDEJK".

If you have CONFIG_EARLYPRINTK=y then you can enable the early console.
Try passing the kernel parameter 'earlyprintk'. That should cause kernel
messages to be sent to the same device(s) to which "ABCDEJK" was sent.

I have the following options set to direct console messages to the
serial port:

debug=ser console=tty

'debug=ser' uses the MFP Modem1 port on TT, the SCC Modem2 port on
Falcon. Use debug=ser2 if you want to force use of the SCC port on TT.
Messages appearing there mean the boot process has made it out of early
startup code which I'd expect for a TT.

No idea about any interactions with earlyprintk, sorry.

Option 'stram_pool=128k' might also be required to reserve ST-RAM for
use by drivers that can only address 24 bit (not sure if that's a
problem with the TT video driver).

Once you have console messages on the serial port, the option
'initcall_debug' may be useful to pinpoint where the boot hangs. My
guess would be during probing for optional stuff such as ROM port or
CT60 expansion network card hardware in atari_platform_init(), unless
your kernel contains commit 3f90f9ef2dda316d64e420d5d51ba369587ccc55
(m68k/mm: Adjust VM area to be unmapped by gap size for __iounmap())
that fixed ioremap/iounmap use on 030. Should be in from 4.17-rc6 on.



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