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Re: Usage of real m68k hardware


There is clearly some dissatisfaction between the science team and the
m68k porters.  Several behaviours have been identified in various mails
to this thread that are causing friction for the other team's work.

ISTM that these issues could well arise between any group of porters and
any team maintaining a large number of packages.  We should be able to
develop BTS usage strategies that reduce this friction.  We've done this
before (e.g. how we do NMUs) and can surely come up with something

What do we have right now?  AFAICT our current documentation is just
sections 5.10.1 and 5.10.2 of the Developers' Reference.  These sections
are quite short.  I would like to suggest that we expand those sections
with further best practices.  Perhaps Andreas and Adrian could propose
some patches to devref and get members of the other team to review.

I don't have any concrete suggestions myself because my packages are
almost all arch:all so I have barely had to deal with porting issues.
It seems clear, though, that our best practices are a bit lacking in
this area.

Sean Whitton

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