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Re: Usage of real m68k hardware

On 28.03.2018 08:38, Andreas Tille wrote:

I conclude that the Debian project is running no real m68k hardware any
more (please correct me if I'm wrong) and we are possibly doing a
service for some users who potentially also run qemu (wild guess of
mine).  I'm wondering when it might be time to fully drop a hardware
port instead of draining developer time for ethernity.

Well, officially Debian has no real m68k hardware anymore, because the project decided to official drop m68k as a release arch and DSA no longer admins kullervo. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Alas, there is still m68k hardware around. Kullervo should be under control of Christian Steigies and then there should be some more m68k machines under control of Adrian.

My 3 Amigas are currently turned off or currently lack the support of my new X-Surf 100 NIC in the netinstall image provided by Adrian.

In September there is a m68k meeting planned at Linux Hotel in Essen. So, the m68k port is still alive and kicking! :-)

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