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Re: MiNT cross-compiler (a.k.a. m68k-atari-mint target)

Hello, all.
Sorry, but I totally forgot this old thread. I got busy with other things, and didn't make any progress regarding to FSF.

But in the meantime, I published to GitHub *all* the know patches related to the m68k-atari-mint target:
This will surely help for further work.
Note: There are many branches.

1) Submit m68k-atari-mint-target to binutils/GCC
Main point: I never got any answer from the binutils team regarding to the following question.
Is the binutils team going to accept a new target derived from m68k-aout?
If the answer is 'no', there is no point to make further efforts. Unfortunately, until now, no one from the binutils team took the time to have a look at the MiNT patch, and tell if it would be acceptable or not. Second: there is a suspicious code in the linker path, when generating relocations. The code is patched at a strange place, I think it is not the ideal one (even if the result is correct). I had to move it at a better place when working on (successful) hybrid a.out/ELF linker. This has to be thoroughly tested and validated against regressions. This might be a blocker (or not) for official integration, as the current linker patch adds mess to a little part of common code. Third: The current MiNT patch contains various fixes for workarounds when compiling with GCC 2.95. This should obviously be dropped. Except the above points, the MiNT patch is supposed to be clean and safe for other targets (to be carefully checked).

2) integrating the FreeMiNT target into Debian
Personally, I didn't make any efforts for that (yet). But of course, that would be great.

Vincent Rivière

Le 20/08/2017 à 04:37, Miro Kropáček a écrit :
Hi guys,

while searching for some gcc stuff in my inbox I've bumped into this thread.

 On 3 May 2012 at 18:55, Vincent Rivière <vincent.riviere@freesbee.fr <mailto:vincent.riviere@freesbee.fr>> wrote:

    Meanwhile, I got the FSF agreements for the binutils and GCC. Same
    for Guido Flohr, the original author of the binutils patch. So I'm
    ready to start working on the binutils mailing list to get most of
    the MiNT patch committed. I plan to rework the patches in the light
    of your own work, to be sure we only do the necessary changes, no
    more. When the binutils is finished, I will do the same for GCC,
    including your changes, of course.

What had happened to this? I mean both FSF submit process and integrating the FreeMiNT target into Debian.

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

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