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v4.1.43 test build is available, was Re: Seeking Mac testers

On Mon, 3 Apr 2017, Stefan Niestegge wrote:

> Hi there,
> we tested this kernel today on a Performa 450 (aka LC3)
> ADB works nice, dmesg shows that the kernel detected our
> network card (Nubus Slot E, Mac LC Ethernet Adapter, Board_ID 0x2e)
> Its an "Asante" card, but ifconfig shows only loopback device.
> The modules had been unpacked beforehand.
> Is this expected behaviour?

I'm unsure what sort of network card you have there, but I may have found 
an explanation for the regression you reported.

It turns out that the mac8390 and mac89x0 drivers will not probe for 
devices unless the driver is a loadable module.

So in the latest build (v4.1.43) I've configured these two drivers as 
modules. You can find the binaries on sourceforge: 

You'll need to unpack the tar file and load the mac8390 and mac89x0 
modules manually (or automatically via /etc/modprobe.conf or similar).

[The other NIC drivers (macsonic and macmace) remain built in to this 
kernel binary as that allows you to avoid using an initrd and still boot 
over NFS.]

This bug needs to be fixed, but it requires that someone implement kernel 
device model support for Nubus.

BTW, this should not be a problem for the kernel packages that Debian 
builds, in which all NIC drivers are modular.



> Best regards,
> Stefan & Carsten

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