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Re: gcc-4.6.3, was Re: Debian on mac68k

On Tue, 8 Nov 2016, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> On 11/08/2016 10:01 AM, Finn Thain wrote:
> > The only problem is that my fast Linux host is i686 and your compiler 
> > runs on x86_64. But it is a convenient way to get hold of a gcc-5.2 
> > compiler to target m68k/coldfire.
> Installing Debian testing and running
> 	apt install gcc-5-m68k-linux-gnu
> is not an option?

As a way to get a compiler, it's more difficult than untarring the one 
from kernel.org, which was the effort I've been willing to invest so far.

I would consider installing the Debian Testing compiler in the form of a 
container, if one was available.

Or I could just update my cross-compiler build scripts again, but that 
solution doesn't get the upstream project much closer to the ideal 
solution, i.e. a convenient, reliable "reference" compiler.

That would require supported compiler and distro releases. Certainly 
Debian's gcc-5-m68k-linux-gnu or gcc-6-m68k-linux-gnu packages are good 
candidates for building a container, and time permitting, I would 
willingly test them and isolate and report any bugs I found.


> Adrian

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