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Re: gcc-4.6.3, was Re: Debian on mac68k

On Mon, 7 Nov 2016, Angelo Dureghello wrote:

> I also observed issues with some kernel.org toolchains, at least for 
> coldfire the 4.9.x was producing some wrong opcode, due to incorrect gcc 
> libs used over linking.
> Maybe you can try some toolchains i prepared, they are the kernel.org 
> with some packaging adjustments done by me. Let me know in case if they 
> work for you.
> http://sysam.it/toolchains.html

Thanks for that.

The only problem is that my fast Linux host is i686 and your compiler runs 
on x86_64. But it is a convenient way to get hold of a gcc-5.2 compiler to 
target m68k/coldfire.

I may have to build a recent cross-compiler to run on my i686 host if and 
when my gcc-4.4 build lets me down, or I get time to chase down bugs like 
the issue I have with the kernel.org compiler.

> Regards,
> Angelo Durgehello

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