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Re: Debian on mac68k

On Wed, 26 Oct 2016, Mac User wrote:

> boot/vmlinux-4.1.35-mac_scsi-egret+ -- 4907715 bytes
> vmlinux-4.1.35-mac_scsi-egret+      -- 3818980 bytes
> On my LC III, the first kernel (4907715 bytes) hung at the white
> screen showing "ABCFGHIJK" (so one step later than the IIfx).
> Sometimes this white screen is displayed for up to 2 or 3 minutes;
> I waited for over 10 minutes.
> The second kernel (3818980 bytes) hung at the same point.

Would you please try this kernel binary as well --
If that works, it would mean that my Egret patches are to blame, since 
there is no other difference between the two builds.

> If you can post a link to the modified source, I can try compiling with 
> different options to see if anything works (though I've had similar 
> trouble before trying to compile any linux-4.x kernel).

That link is in the message I sent yesterday. But I think you would get 
the same result from your compiler, so I can't recommend it. I suspect a 
bug in my code.

> Update on my IIfx -- it works booting Debian 3.1 after booting 
> single-user and disabling the network scripts (perhaps a clean install 
> would recognize the Farallon ethernet card correctly?). As it is, I can 
> configure the interface, but the system hangs at first use (such as FTP 
> to anywhere).

It's not worth pursuing that issue. There are just too many serious known 
bugs in the Linux 2.2 code to support 68k macs.


> -Stan

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