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ADB support, was Re: Debian on mac68k

On Mon, 30 May 2016, I wrote:

> The problem is that my kernel builds leave CONFIG_ADB_MACIISI disabled 
> because years ago I found that this driver caused instability. This 
> means that, for certain 68030-based Mac models including the LC's and 
> the IIsi and IIvi, the 4.1 kernel binary linked to above lacks the 
> appropriate ADB driver.

In particular, the affected Mac models (those with the Egret chip) are 
the ones listed below.

Mac IIsi
Mac IIvi (aka Performa 600)
Mac IIvx
Mac Classic II (aka Performa 200)
Mac LC
Mac LC II (aka Performa 400 - 430)
Mac LC III (aka Performa 450)
Mac LC III+ (aka Performa 460 - 467)

Also, no-one has written an ADB driver for the early Powerbook models 
(M50753 PMU):

PowerBook 140
PowerBook 145
PowerBook 160
PowerBook 165/165c
PowerBook 170
PowerBook 180/180c

All the other supported Mac models have working ADB.

The supported Mac models are discussed here,
and the driver issues are documented here,


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