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Re: Debian on mac68k

Am 24.03.2016 um 01:48 schrieb Finn Thain:
> On Wed, 24 Feb 2016, I wrote:
>> ... The new build is here,
>>   https://www.telegraphics.com.au/~fthain/stan/linux-m68k-image-4.1.18-mac-00084-ge6b89b9.tar.gz
>>   SHA1 9ee49c4d9361785b872f9448acd3e25a4f52ab92
>> The patches are the 84 that I've sent to the scsi maintainers. They 
>> affect only the mac_scsi module. (Mac kernel binaries don't have any use 
>> for atari_scsi, sun3_scsi etc so these modules aren't present.)
> I've built a new kernel binary with the latest mac_scsi patches included. 
> That is, the 23 patches that I recently sent to the scsi maintainers, in 
> addition to the previous 84.
> This version of mac_scsi implements working PDMA which should benefit 
> 68020- and 68030-based Macs (except for the IIfx). For example, sequential 
> disk read throughput on my LC III is about fifteen times faster (when 
> measured with dd).
> The mac_scsi driver needs more work in order to support DMA on the IIfx 
> and PDMA on 68040-based PowerBooks. (All of the other 68040-based Macs use 
> the mac_esp driver and not mac_scsi.)
> The download is here,
> https://www.telegraphics.com.au/~fthain/stan/linux-m68k-image-4.1.20-mac_scsi+.tar.gz
> SHA1 2a5418a5423f234ea549ea9dc26624cb5dbdae69  
> As before, this kernel configuration has the essential Mac drivers 
> built-in so that it can be used without an initrd, e.g. for installation.


i also want to run debian on an old mac. I have read the whole
thread now, but the links to the kernels compiled by Finn are not valid
any longer.

My machine is a Performa 450 (which is almost identical to an LC III,
isn't it?) with 36MB and SD2SCSI device which emulates 3 SCSI Discs.
/dev/sdb3 is the ext2 partition for / and /dev/sdb4 is swap.

I have booted a 2.2 kernel with Emile and was able to set up partition,
make filesystems and unpack a chroot tarball from A. Glaubitz.

But i need a kernel. Can someone give a link to a kernel - preferably
with support for the Performa's keyboard? (i have probably not
understood the problem with "Egret" completely)

Stefan Niestegge

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