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Re: questionable use of qemu-m68k for building (was Re: ruby2.2 fuckup)

Le 06/12/2015 14:09, Andreas Schwab a écrit :
> Laurent Vivier <laurent@vivier.eu> writes:
>> I think qemu-m68k is emulating precisely the FPU. I've checked the
>> result of testfloat on qemu-m68k, and moreover I've compared the result
>> of softloat on my Quadra 800 (68040 FPU) against the result of qemu-m68k.
> That doesn't implement Motorola 80-bit float.  How are the results from
> the glibc math tests?

80-bit float is only a compact 96-bit float.

In fact this work is 4 years old, so I don't remember all the details.

The first FPU bugs have been found when I have started to try to run
gtk-demo that uses some FPU functions. I've then of course, tested with
the glibc math tests and I think also with gcc tests, especially
gfortran tests (I think...) and I have compared the result on a real
machine (and fixed the issues).

If it is important for you to know the accuracy of the emulation, I can
try to re-run all these stuffs.


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