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Re: Current Debian m68k in Amiga

Hi Kars!

On 09/06/2015 12:54 PM, Kars de Jong wrote:
> Actually, the PCMCIA stack is not the only or most problematic issue.
> A big problem is that the current Amiga interrupt handler doesn't
> support interrupts from the Gayle chip transparently to the drivers,
> so all existing drivers need special code for it. I once wrote a new
> interrupt handling system for the Amiga port, but never got around to
> clean it up enough so it could be included in the kernel.

Interesting, thanks for the additional insight!

> The more important issue is hardware related. A lot of cards simply
> won't work because the Gayle PCMCIA implementation probably doesn't
> completely conform to the standard. As soon as you insert such a card,
> the Amiga completely hangs. Other cards won't respond to IO cycles or
> only to some. These issue will always be there, even with a new PCMCIA
> stack.

Yeah, I have observed such issues with my Amiga 1200 when using a PCMCIA
networking adapter. I think, the issue can be (partially) resolved by
applying the PCMCIA fix [1], can't it?

> If/when I find the time, I might revisit my old sources and rework
> them. I'm guessing they won't rebase cleanly after this many years
> ;-).

That would be very cool!

PS: I'm always surprised to see how many people are still on this list
    and joining discussion from time to time :).


> [1] http://webpages.charter.net/jeff.artz/amiga/pcmcia_reset.html

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