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Re: [Debian-ports-devel] Using incoming.debian.org on buildds

Christian T. Steigies dixit:

>I tried to set this in .sbuildrc as (do I need to escape the @?):
>$mailfrom = 'm68k Source Builder <sbuild@garkin.steigies.net>';
>which shows up in the email headers wrong:

>From: m68k Source Builder <sbuild@chumley.debian.net>

It’s 99.9% sure that you have a CNAME there somewhere.

And voilà…

tg@blau:~ $ host garkin.steigies.net
garkin.steigies.net     CNAME   chumley.debian.net
chumley.debian.net      CNAME   steigies.no-ip.org
steigies.no-ip.org      A

Heh, all that user support in #sendmail on freenode pays off.
I knew the problem without even trying, on the first time
reading about it.

Basically it boils down to: CNAME breaks internet eMail, period.
If you want to send eMails from one domain, you MUST NOT use a
CNAME RR for that domain or one of its components.

The dyndns case is a bit difficult… see whether you can get by
with not needing an A RR, or whether an RFC1918 A RR works; this
works with eMail if you add an MX RR, like:

garkin.steigies.net     MX      10 spool.mail.gandi.net
garkin.steigies.net     MX      50 fb.mail.gandi.net

Add that, remove the CNAME, and add…
garkin.steigies.net     A       192.168.x.y
… or something like that, if you must, and that works.
This will, of course, break ssh to that hostname from
the outside, but ~/.ssh/config entry…
Host garkin.steigies.net
	Hostname steigies.no-ip.org
… will fix t̲h̲a̲t̲.

Good luck,
21:49⎜<allamoox:#sendmail> I have a question guys,
     ⎜    Can I use my PC as SMTP server, I use Windows 7 .
     ⎜    Already googled and Installed IIS
     ⎜    but Still I can't send E-mail

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