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Re: GPG key expires in -20150216 days!

Christian T. Steigies dixit:

>buildd@crest:~$ /usr/local/bin/update-buildd.net heartbeat
>grep: =>: No such file or directory

The script got a trivial .builddrc scanner. It expects there
to be a line line this…

		sign_with => "DD4A64CF",

… in the file, with nothing else on the same line allowed.
And exactly one line “sign_with”.

<dileks> ch: good, you corrected yourself. ppl tend to tweet such news
immediately, sth. like "grml devs seem to be buyable"    <ch> dileks: we
_are_. if you throw enough money in our direction, things will happen
<mika> everyone is buyable, it's just a matter of price   <mrud> and now
comes [mira] and uses this as a signature ;0	   -- they asked for it…

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