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libvirt is currently held by liburcu

    ./urcu/uatomic.h:23:2: error: #error "Cannot build: unrecognized architecture detected."

liburcu probably just needs patches to use GCC’s atomic builtins
for m68k. It is needed, via sheepdog, for libvirt, which again is
needed for the lvm2 / redhat-cluster / corosync circular build-deps.

On a more positive note, m68k Perl 5.20 transition is going nicely.

“ah that reminds me, thanks for the stellar entertainment that you and certain
other people provide on the Debian mailing lists │ sole reason I subscribed to
them (I'm not using Debian anywhere) is the entertainment factor │ Debian does
not strike me as a place for good humour, much less German admin-style humour”

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