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Re: Log for attempted build of phantomjs_1.9.0-1 on m68k (dist=unstable)

Dixi quod…

>invalid alignment assumptions, needs explicit padding
>../../JavaScriptCore/wtf/StringHasher.h:140:9: note: in expansion of macro 'COMPILE_ASSERT'
>         COMPILE_ASSERT(!(length % 4), length_must_be_a_multible_of_four);
>         ^

Hello TANIGUCHI Takaki,

please see https://lists.debian.org/debian-68k/2012/12/msg00082.html
for a similar problem within webkit itself.

Also please note that phantomjs builds with -j4 even if no parallel=4
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS have been given, which is a Policy violation (I think)
and abuse of buildd resources. Please fix this as well.


>> Why don't you use JavaScript? I also don't like enabling JavaScript in
> Because I use lynx as browser.
	-- Octavio Alvarez, me and ⡍⠁⠗⠊⠕ (Mario Lang) on debian-devel

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