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Re: All things come to an end

Christian T. Steigies dixit:

>Thank you for single-handedly reviving the m68k port!

You’re welcome.

>Whom did you pick as your successor? I am afraid the "old-timers" will
>not be able to dedicate as much time as you did...

Nobody. I would not be able to dedicate much time to it either, now…

>How can we lure you back? Making mksh fail to build on m68k again? ;-)

Nah. Fix that stupid init decision, and pay my income. I think. :-)

>Or maybe with another m68k hacker meeting, Flens, Fish and Chips at the

*shudders* Flens is the only beer I’ve thrown away after a few sips,
and fish is my astrologic sign, not anything I could eat.

But, more realistically, I’m in dire need of consolidating myself.
So, sorry.

Gast: „Ein Bier, bitte!“
Wirt: „Geht auch alkoholfrei?“
Gast: „Geht auch Spielgeld?“

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