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Re: Bug#728098: tiff: FTBFS on m68k due to unknown host system

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz dixit:

>On 01/12/2014 02:43 AM, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>> Hm, yes, the faulty build was on elgar, which did have
>> hardware issues.
>You're not particularly fond of original m68k hardware, are you? :)

Nah, I’ve got no opinion on them, this was a neutral fact.
I had to replace tons of my old hardware (i386 and sparc)
too, due to hw issues ☹

>elgar runs like a tank now, never had any issues again unless I
>messed with it. Builds packages 24/7, sitting under my desk,
>like a champ.

That’s good then.

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