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Modernizing a Macintosh LC III


Inspired by Scott ("Getting the ol' Macintosh LC475 modernized") I pulled my LC III out of the closet and tried to follow along to get up to date. I untarred Thorsten's filesystem to /, got the initrd from http://zigo.mirbsd.org:8080/t/initrd.img-3.10-2-m68k and the kernel from http://www.freewrt.org/~tg/f/vmlinux-3.10-2-m68k.gz, and since Penguin said it didn't have enough memory (I have 36mb total) I put the files on disk and booted an emile floppy which was able to load. The boot hung early, however, and sat here for over an hour:


I suspect something about the disk controller, but it seems to early in the boot process for that. Any idea what it's choking on?


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