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Re: Cleaning up the list of packages being built on the buildds

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz dixit:

>Can someone instruct me on how to mark these packages as failed? Wouter

tg@blau:~ $ ssh leda.debian.net
tg@leda:~$ wanna-build -A m68k -d unstable --list=building
x11/libx11_2:1.6.2-1 by buildd_m68k-ara5 [source:out-of-date:calprio{38}:days{0}]
x11/xorg-server_2:1.14.3-4 by buildd_m68k-vivaldi [source:out-of-date:calprio{38}:days{0}]
x11/xserver-xorg-input-keyboard_1:1.7.0-1 by buildd_m68k-vivaldi [source:out-of-date:calprio{50}:days{27}]
Total 35 package(s)
tg@leda:~$ wanna-build -A m68k -d unstable --give-back -o tribler_6.2.0+git20130731.149555fa-1
tg@leda:~$ wanna-build -A m68k -d unstable --list=building | tail -1
Total 34 package(s)

You can get access to leda from Aurélien (aurel32).

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