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Hi again…

… while at it: I cannot normally use the ARAnyM SDL console
over VNC because it seems to mis-detect the scancodes (maybe
it doesn’t map keycodes to scancodes?).

If I type 'asd' it correctly detects the 'a' (unless I moved
the mouse out of the ARAnyM window before INIT starts), but
's' becomes 'b' then.

I don’t use a regular keyboard layout on either the server or
the client side, but my own, so any scancode detection cannot
work by reverse-mapping keycodes to scancodes known for some
specific keyboard layout.

Client side: MirBSD CVS HEAD, XFree86 Version 4.5.0
tg@blau:~ $ vncviewer --version
TightVNC viewer version 1.2.7

Server side: Debian sid, tightvncserver 1.3.9-6.4

Does anyone have insight into this?
I could probably switch out the tightvncserver
with vnc4server on the server side, if that helped.

18:47⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> well channels… you see, I see everything in the
same window anyway      18:48⎜<xpt:#!/bin/mksh> i know, you have some kind of
telnet with automatic pong         18:48⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> haha, yes :D
18:49⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> though that's more tinyirc – sirc is more comfy

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