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Re: Memory upgrades for Zorro3 Amiga buildds

Am 23.06.2013 um 23:02 schrieb "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org>:

>> So, this makes arrakis, crest, aahz, elgar, kullervo, vivaldi and spice suitable for the BigRamPlus with the note that elgar and crest are Mikronik tower case where we don't know whether BRP will work. 
> aahz is an A2k with ZorroII only, so I guess it can not work there.

Ah, sorry, my fault!

> But I
> have another A3k, without any turboboard or network card (though I read that
> Jens is designing a 100Mbit card...).

I think it's easier to obtain a network card than a accel card nowadays. 

> Sounds like a plan, but I have some doubts that the Debian project will
> reimburse us for this. According the the current rules, m68k will never be
> able to qualify as a release architecture (no new hardware, no support, but
> you said you can control your Amiga via serial console?)

Serial console when Linux boots, not AmigaOS. ;-) 

For remote access to AmigaOS you'll need a IP KVM switch that is capable of Amiga video (and keyboard and mouse). At least I can tell that my IP KVM switch is only working with NTSC on FlickerFixer output. Keyboard and mouse will need adapters. Not yet tested with my IP KVM so far. 

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