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Re: Relocation of Elgar to FU Berlin

Thanks for picking it up and hosting it! :-)

Thanks to Adrian for giving it a new home, and let's not forget to thank you for hosting it all this time!

- replace the system disk with a new 250GB or 500GB drive

Remember that AmigaOS is still 3.1 and it should stay that way. So, while it's no problem to replace the 40 GB disk by a larger one (it just needs some time), IDE is still slow on A4000s and we should prefer SCSI disks for performance reasons anyway. Actually, there is not really need for >40 GB disks, IMHO.

The system disk won't need that much space - even for the buildd chroots and scratch space we won't quite need as much. But let's not forget the old IDE disks will wear out some time, and a new disk might be what keeps elgar running a bit longer.

Christian had procured IDE to SCSI adapters years ago - not sure these are still available for sale anywhere. That would be about the only option to hook up a large disk via SCSI. (We'd also need to test and debug the SCSI driver, of course).

I plan and hope to have elgar up and running by Friday or
earlier. It will now be hooked up directly to the internet
through an Ethernet connection (symmetric).

We need to work on the mail setup as well. I don't recommend to have it directly open to the internet and would prefer a firewall host in front of Elgar and mail going through a smarthost/relay host.

Concur - we had a break-in into kullervo or crest at some stage a few years back, and that was through exim. Better make it accept mail from a smarthost only.



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