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Re: Relocation of Elgar to FU Berlin

Am 02.06.2013 um 23:40 schrieb John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de>:

> elgar has now been relocated to the physics department of Freie
> Universitaet Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

Thanks for picking it up and hosting it! :-)

> Currently, elgar is still shut down and will require some maintenance
> first. I am planning to perform the following:
> - replace all missing or worn screws with new ones

Really? I always get bored by all those screws of the cases. My A3000s only have the one central screw holding the case instead of all screws (2 more screws on each of both sides). ;-)

> - replace all missing Zorro slot covers in the case

Could be difficult. I don't remember, but IIRC the slot covers are non-standard. But when you have the matching spare parts... :)

> - replace the system disk with a new 250GB or 500GB drive

Remember that AmigaOS is still 3.1 and it should stay that way. So, while it's no problem to replace the 40 GB disk by a larger one (it just needs some time), IDE is still slow on A4000s and we should prefer SCSI disks for performance reasons anyway. Actually, there is not really need for >40 GB disks, IMHO. 

> - replace the backup battery of the clock

Yeah, good idea!

> - replace broken or missing connectors

What's broken/missing?
Remember that we should try to rehost Elgar in an original A4000 desktop case preferrably instead of trying to fix up this ugly Mikronik tower. 

> - replace the CPU fan which is stuck

Yes, would be nice as well. :)

> - check and replace case/PSU fans if necessary
> - clean and dust the case and keyboard

Dedusting is needed every once in a while anyway. Usually even cheap fans will last a quite long time when regularly cleaned. 

> I plan and hope to have elgar up and running by Friday or
> earlier. It will now be hooked up directly to the internet
> through an Ethernet connection (symmetric).

We need to work on the mail setup as well. I don't recommend to have it directly open to the internet and would prefer a firewall host in front of Elgar and mail going through a smarthost/relay host. 

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