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Testing Debian Sarge M68K DVD with WinUAE


I have been testing the latest beta versions of the WinUAE Amiga emulator.
WinUAE works mostly fine on Wine/Linux. There is now 68030/040/060 MMU
emulation, so being able to test Debian M68K/Amiga on any x86 PC is
possible. I have come across an issue with the M68K 3.1r8 DVD ISO image

When WinUAE is set to emulate an Amiga 4000 with ATAPI CD-ROM drive, it
works fine. The check integrity option of the installer doesn't report any
errors with the DVD #1 ISO.

However with an emulated SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to Amiga 3000 SCSI or
A2091 SCSI controllers, the installer aborts with an error when loading
components from CD. Also the check integrity option reports an error.
There is only a problem when using the DVD ISO, not the CD #1,
businesscard or netinst CD images.

So my questions are:

 - Has anyone ever tested installing from the Debian 3.1r8 DVD on a real
Amiga with a SCSI DVD-ROM drive? Or on any other M68K platform with a
SCSI DVD drive?

- Which component of the Debian system contains the SCSI CD/DVD driver?
I'd like to check the source, maybe that could provide some clues as to
the cause of the problem, whether a bug in WinUAE or a deficiency in the
Debian SCSI CD/DVD driver.

-- Mark

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