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Re: kullervo

Am 20.01.2013 um 19:58 schrieb "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org>:

> kullervo has only one disk (250GB IDE with an IDE -> SCSI converter). crest
> has only an 8.4GB (boot?) disk, the 250GB disk with converter is currently
> in an external SCSI case, probably because I was trying to set it up like
> kullervo.  kullervo was last running in May 2011 after I picked it up in HH
> and installed it from scratch.  It has three 4GB partitions with Debian

If necessary: I currently have a spare 18 GB SCA disk in Rostock, which is a little bit noisy. But we can ask one of our donors for a 73 GB SCA as well, if needed/wanted. But when you have a working SCSI<->IDE adaptor, I think it a better choice. 

> installations on it: sarge, etch, and wheezy/sid.  It is currently running
> wheezy with the 2.6.39 kernel and seems to be doing fine: the network is a
> little slow (130kb/sec with scp) but the SCSI driver is working.  According

130 kB/s is normal for Amigas, I'm afraid. I seldom get more. (Under AmigaOS I got >700 kB/s, so it's not a hardware limit, but a performance problem under Linux). 

> to my mails from 2011 I started with a lenny/sid iso from Stephen and I
> think I managed to upgrade to Thorsten's packages with TLS support.
> I think it had some stability problems, I see some errors with dmesg:
> eth0: Interrupted while interrupts are masked! isr=0x0 imr=0x0.

I think just try a recent kernel... maybe that's already fixing the problem?

> I am torturing it a bit with an fsck and taring up the home directories
> (which I think I copied over from the previous installation, but probably
> they will not be needed anymore). I already copied the new m68k-base.e2fs
> and want to extract it on one of the boot partitions. The question is, do I
> need to run the latest 3.x kernel with it (which does not support most SCSI
> drivers)?

Kullervo is an A3000 and its SCSI driver works without problem on 3.2. But you might be forced to deal with the memfile option to boot the kernel. 

> In any case, I will keep the 2.6.39 kernel and maybe not upgrade
> too many packages of the currently running installation: I have two more
> partitions to play and test with, so I could also take the current
> installation, copy it over and upgrade that to the latest packages. But

I think it's best to debootstrap a new system from a running system with new kernel. 

> according to my Mails from 2011, the machine was crashing after a few hours,
> so I may have to try newer kernels, preferably with a working SCSI driver.
> But I can test kernels on this machine, maybe even build (gcc-4.4.6 is
> installed). When the fschk is through I will have a look at the chroots,
> maybe I can already fire up a buildd?

Well, it would be great to have kullervo back as a buildd, but I guess it will still need some time until it's ready to run as a buildd. ;-) 

On a side note: Vivaldi suffers currently from a broken PSU. Luckily it is a standard AT PSU and I already ordered a replacement. 

> Oh, and I noticed the clock battery does not look too good. I removed it in
> my A2k and soldered in a replacement, maybe I should do it with kullervo as
> well. Now in which box do I have the soldering iron, and the 110V converters?

I need to replace my batteries as well. Actually I already removed them years ago, but it would be nice to have battery backed up clock again. ;-) 

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