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Re: Atari TT

Michael Schmitz dixit:

>Timer D is used by the EtherNEC driver - if thad driver has been compiled in
>please try and load it as a module only.

Two things:

2) Cannot do that because, without the network, we cannot load
   any modules because that’s where they are…

>Try swapping this so it looks like such:

I’ll try with Alan’s patch first, unless you say either one’s

>Solution - use stram_pool=512k (or whatever size the frame buffer requires;
>use a video mode to minimize framebuffer size). If you're already doing that
>- minimize the kernel until you've got enough free ST-RAM. How large is the
>kernel once it's been uncompressed? 

We suggested that already. I’m now making even smaller kernels,
for testing…

>That's called stram_pool these days. -s should be used anyway, otherwise the
>ST-RAM is not available for use by the kernlel _at all_. Stupid discontigmem
>memory model (someone please implement sparsemem. Andreas? Roman?). 


„nein: BerliOS und Sourceforge sind Plattformen für Projekte, github ist
eine Plattform für Einzelkämpfer“
	-- dieses Zitat ist ein Beweis dafür, daß auch ein blindes Huhn
	   mal ein Korn findet, bzw. – in diesem Fall – Recht haben kann

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