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Re: ⎠╵⎝

Am 13.01.2013 um 02:01 schrieb schmitz <schmitz@biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de>:

>> Depends on the available space, I guess. Besides, those Atari
>> guys have MiNT on an average 5 machines per household, so… 
> SCSI disks are usually not huge - space may be a premium.

Waldi said yesterday that he has some SCSI(68pol)<->PATA adaptors he doesn't need anymore. I asked him to send them to me. When they arrive I could send one to you... 

Otherwise we have some donors available with larger SCA disks. I just received a rather noisy 18 GB and a rather silent 73 GB SCA disk. The 18 GB disk is still available, while I keep the 73 GB disk for Spice. 
So, if there's need we can ask for another 73 GB SCA disk or so... 

>> Someone who *does* know should do that. (And, as a reminder, waldi
>> asked for the Debian/m68k porters to update the configs in the Debian
>> linux source package. I can see why, definitely… I mean, I can understand

Another point I saw when I tried to built a 3.2 kernel was, that the option "Optimize for size" was not activated, resulting in large kernel that leads to problems when loading the kernel with amiboot, needing to reduce available memory by 8 MB. I don't know how big the performance penalty is by optimizing the kernel for size, but reducing the memory by 8 MB is no good idea either, I think... 

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