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Re: wanna-build

On 2013-01-02 00:14, schmitz wrote:

There are currently these boxes suffering from missing SCSI support:
- Elgar (Cyberstorm Mk1 SCSI)
- Akire (Blizzard2060 SCSI)
- Vault13 (Blizzard1260 SCSI)
With a new donation in Graz, Austria this would make 4 buildds needing the SCSI drivers, as the new one is as well a Blizzard2060 accel card.
So that would make the most sense to start with, Does any of the 2060
ones have IDE disks for installing a base system and testing a SCSI
driver as module?
Hosting arrangements might be another consideration - I expect the
reset button will see quite some heavy use.

Elgar has a working 40 GB IDE disk attached and is behind a VDSL connection (50 Mbps down/10 Mbps up). It's located in our dwelling and I still have holiday until 7. Jan. There's already a kernel source of 3.2.0-4-amiga available under /usr/src...
But we should stop the buildd then, of course... ;)

Do Amigas have some equivalent to the Mac's programmers' switch (NMI
interrupt generatet by keypress)? That was useful to dump debug
information on a hung system.

Not that I know of. There's a debug mode in Workbench, but that won't help. But I have a small UPS. Maybe we can use that one to power cycle while I'm absent. Never tried. And I could attach a serial console as well.

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