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Re: [m68k] gnutls26 confirmed really slow

I'm following this direction because there is no blocker reported until

That’s fine, but then I’d really love to have the… nongnu-tls now,
I suppose… problems fixed. If you look at the numbers I produced,
there’s a difference of roughly 20 seconds between gnutls26-cli
(~40s) and wget built against gnutls26 (~60s). Do you have any
idea where that could come from?
Network timeouts or number of network connections used - DNS lookup for instance?

Have you tried to compare the number of system calls or extent of network activity with strace/ethereal?

I'd also suggest profiling but then I'm extremely uncertain about the state of that on m68k.



I personally find these times still unacceptable when OpenSSL can
do the same task within less than two seconds. Including certificate
validation. But it’s hard to pin the fault at someone (either piece
of software or developers or maintainers) so please nobody take this
against themselves, it’s just a frustration with the general situation
(and being used to have everything use OpenSSL on my BSD system at
home, which Just Works).

I’m trying to make an m68k “porterbox” available (a VM, or possibly
several of them), so if someone wants to have a look at this while
bored, please tell me. (Right now, the method is to run a VM on
your own machine yourself, which may be too much initial setup
effort for most.) Either upstream or maintainers.


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