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Re: Getting started with debian m68k

Britt Dodd dixit:

>I'm aware of a unstable image that most are working from...but is there a
>stable "base" image that I can start from and update with?

No, unstable+unreleased is a moving target, and Debian sid, despite
its name, is not really instable ;-)

The current “base image” are my image and tarball from April 2012,
lined from the Debian Wiki. I can also debootstrap into a chroot
and publish that, either as ext2fs image or gzipped tarball, no
idea what is more useful to you, but you’d need to do any system
config manually, i.e. it won’t be bootable as-is. (I also do not
know what’s involved in booting Linux on a Macintosh.)

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