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Getting started with debian m68k

Greetings! I've been a long time listener now and I finally have my hands on a 68k machine. It's a SE/30 with 64M ram (it'll go up to 128M ram) and a 2G hard drive. System7 on this is somewhat limited as far as usefulness, and I have a very small collection of large SCSI hard drives I could install into the SE/30. My main question first is will a 68030 be useful at all to help compile packages to help you all out (I have successfully built a couple of gentoo systems and currently run custom xen-enabled kernels on top of CentOS6 and have experience as a C/C++ developer professionally)

I'd like to help out with builds and I'd say this is a good opportunity to ask about being able to setup a system for helping out.

I also have a Centris 610 and a 660AV (with a full 68040) that I can setup for helping too.

I'm aware of a unstable image that most are working from...but is there a stable "base" image that I can start from and update with?

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