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Re: gnutls26 insanely slow on m68k (compared to openssl)

Okay, taking this upstream. Please follow up to the upstream
list and debian-68k.

Andreas Metzler dixit:

>On 2012-12-18 Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de> wrote:
>> Dixi quod…
>> >‣‣‣ wget 1.14-1 (gnutls26)
>> >libgnutls26_2.12.7-4		⇒ 45s (via LD_PRELOAD)
>> >ii libgnutls26:m68k  2.12.20-2	⇒ 64s
>> >‣‣‣ wget 1.12-5 (openssl)
>> >ii libssl1.0.0:m68k  1.0.1c-4	⇒ 1s
>> >
>> >Now that is a *noticeable* difference, even, granted, when the two
>> >servers (https://www.mirbsd.org/ and https://evolvis.evolvis.org/)
>> >have both 4096-bit RSA certificates.
>> Hi again, any idea how this can be debugged?
>I am sorry I have no idea.

Reasonable. If there’s anything I can do to debug that, like, try
debug builds (though there are debugging symbols available), build
and run test programs, etc. please say so.

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