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Re: My final word on the “restrict number of packages” issue

Resending with the .png post-processed (reduced depth to 8bit)
by GIMP as apparently the mailing list ate the original mail…

On Wed, 12 Dec 2012, Thorsten Glaser wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> attached screenshot shows an Xvnc (tightvncserver, though
> I also compiled vnc4server) with the usual colour problems
> (in 8bit, they do not appear, but the KDE grey gets dithered
> which looks even more ugly) and a couple of applications.
> The screenshot was made by ksnapshot on m68k and not even
> postprocessed, just to show what’s possible ;-)
> Contents:
> • icewm-session (kwin hasn’t yet completed, and #IceWM on
>   linpeople, erm openprojects, erm freenode is where I’ve
>   learned most of my English other than from manpages, so
>   I decided to honour it)
> • xterm with top
> • KDE 4 konsole with linux_logo
> • KDE 4 konqueror displaying, a
>   one-liner just calling phpinfo();
> • Apache 2 with PHP 5.4
> • Konqueror’s About dialogue
> • and that there’s still enough RAM free, although moving
>   windows is sluggish (maybe I should disable the opaque
>   move feature)
> My kde-workspace build is at 80% so I’ll likely follow up
> with another screenshot.
> And while here, have a look at the bottom right corner of
> http://buildd.debian-ports.org/stats/graph2-week-big.png
> which, when magnifying, shows me we’ve overtaken humppa!
> bye,
> //mirabilos
> -- 
> «MyISAM tables -will- get corrupted eventually. This is a fact of life. »
> “mysql is about as much database as ms access” – “MSSQL at least descends
> from a database” “it's a rebranded SyBase” “MySQL however was born from a
> flatfile and went downhill from there” – “at least jetDB doesn’t claim to
> be a database”	(#nosec)    ‣‣‣ Please let MySQL and MariaDB finally die!

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