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vmlinux-3.2.6-amiga locks system

I've been off in a different world latest (IBM's Blue Gene supercomputers),
but via the #debian-68k I was asked to try one of the latest kernels 
(vmlinux-3.2.6-amiga) on my system.

My current system hasn't been updated in a while, so it's running 2.4.27-amiga
booted via amiboot-5.6

I downloaded the new kernel, along with the specified ramdisk (mirnitrd.gz),
altered the line in my AmigaLinux start script, crossed my fingers and ...

amiboot appeared to find the kernel and the ramdisk, but after asking
me to type a character in the first section, it didn't wait for me to 
type a character at the 2nd prompt.  The screen went gray, and stayed that
way.  I double checked that the 2.4.27-amiga kernel booted, and it did,
so I assumed that I needed a newer version of amiboot.

I did a web search, and grabbed a newer version from 


Tried that one with the 3.2.6-amiga.gz kernel and got more interesting
output during the loading of the kernel, but it still only got me to the
gray screen and hung.

If there is a way to capture the output of the amiboot command as it
executes, I will gladly attempt to do that and provide it.

My Amiga configuration:

Amiga A3000
. udated to a Motorola 68040 @25MHz (08/05/06)
. 134MB of memory (2C, 4 ZIP, 128 on 3128)
. LCD Monitor
. A2410 Graphics Card (ULowell card - currently unused, no supported drivers)
. A2065 Ethernet Card (10Mb)
. Panisonic 24x CD-ROM
. AmigaOS 3.9 (and Debian v3r1)

(DrAmigan on #debian-68k)

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