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Re: imvirt: does not know about ARAnyM (m68k Atari emulator)

Hi Geert,
> >> CPU:            68040
> >> Clocking:       134.2MHz
> >> BogoMips:       89.49
> > Old kernels may have a different format for the output, but as far as I recall a
> > ratio of clock to BogoMIPS of 2:1 seems reasonable for real hardware as well.
> That depends on the CPU. Note that the clocking value is derived from the
> BogoMIPS value, hence the ratio is always correct ;-)

I'm aware of that - for a 060 it's 1:2 though. What I meant to say is if the 
kernel only reports either of the two, you can still use the value. If the clock 
is 16 or 25 (within some margin of error) and the processor is 040 assume it's a 
real Falcon. If the amount of TT-RAM is larger than the largest value that can 
actually be installed (guessing this would be somewhere in the vicinity of 32 or 
64 MB), it definitely is emulated. 

What is the worst thing that could happen if a emulated Falcon gets misdetected 
as real hardware? 



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