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Re: several messages

Michael Schmitz dixit:

>cat /proc/scsi/scsi

/proc/scsi ENOENT.

>But then, the SCSI driver does not need to be compiled in or loaded either. 


Finn Thain dixit:

>ColdFire with 680x0 emulation libraries (though that may not matter since 
>/proc/cpuinfo is only available on Linux).

There are plans to get Debian on ColdFire with MMU.

Michael Schmitz dixit:

>Clocking of 134 MHz for a 68040 is well into the realm of the silly. 50 MHz may 
>have been the maximum possible.

I can easily boot ARAnyM on my laptop at home. I guess I’d get
about 20 emulated MHz.

>Old kernels may have a different format for the output, but as far as I recall a 
>ratio of clock to BogoMIPS of 2:1 seems reasonable for real hardware as well. 

As Geert said, the clock rate is guessed from the BogoMIPS
value, which by the way is only calculated at startup and
in a VERY short time, so is wildly inaccurate. Virtualisation
hosts with varying load will have unusable values there; I’ve
started to use python’s built-in benchmark to check which VM
to use before building gcc or linux now…

So far, the only good idea was to check for existence (and
possibly usability) of the natfeat instruction, I think.
The goal is to be able to check for emulation/virtualisation
WITHOUT any special setup.

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