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Re: Bug#658914: imvirt: does not know about ARAnyM (m68k Atari emulator)

> Petr Stehlik dixit:
> ># cat /proc/hardware
> >Model:          ARAnyM           <--- output of <NF_NAME>
> That, again, would require a kernel that supports this.

And the kernel would have to be told by ARAnyM in some way - I'm not sure how 
the AB040 part is recognized by the kernel. 

>         SCSI Controller NCR5380 (Falcon style)

Is there some form of SCSI emulation in ARAnyM now? What does 

cat /proc/scsi/scsi


cat /proc/scsi/Atari/0


But then, the SCSI driver does not need to be compiled in or loaded either. 

Looking at the clock speed as reported by /proc/cpuinfo should give a good hint 
as to whether we're running on real hardware. What do you get there? 



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