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Re: Bug#658914: imvirt: does not know about ARAnyM (m68k Atari emulator)

Michael Schmitz píše v Út 14. 02. 2012 v 07:43 +0100:

> And the kernel would have to be told by ARAnyM in some way - I'm not sure how 
> the AB040 part is recognized by the kernel. 

I believe the AB040 is "if the HW is Falcon and the CPU is 040 then it
is AB040". After all, the AfterBurner doesn't bring any specific HW
changes apart from the different CPU - the rest is pure original Falcon

> >         SCSI Controller NCR5380 (Falcon style)
> Is there some form of SCSI emulation in ARAnyM now?

no form, AFAIK, and nothing has ever been planned. ARAnyM is not a
Falcon emulator.

> Looking at the clock speed as reported by /proc/cpuinfo should give a good hint 
> as to whether we're running on real hardware. What do you get there? 

Falcon can have several different bus clock accelerators ranging from 16
up to 25 MHz. That affects the AB040 clock speed directly. So the only
sensible check would be "if the clock speed is higher than 30 MHz bus
clock then it most probably can't be a real HW". This check would
naturally fail on slow hosts...


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