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Re: gcc-4.6

Ingo J�rgensmann dixit:

>Hmmm, why not a porter? You're doing so much work on the porting front...

It was never my intent to become a porter and/or stick with
this port, just to help it along for a while. (And most of
my work isn’t porting, either. In fact, I pretty much failed
the porting elfutils project since I never feel up to it
enough to look at it again.)

Debian/m68k compiles (with a few entries in /etc/apt/preferences)
and is in a sorta good shape otherwise now too. I’m still looking
for the GNAT porting effort and would provide the zigo domU as an
ARAnyM buildd (if I ever got it set up…) but the rest can be done
by the usual suspects. And buildds before we get behind so much X
must be built manually… (already got gobject up to date, TYVM)

(And then there’s the small fact I grew up on the other side of
the Endianness Divide. Really, I only wanted mksh to build on
_all_ architectures. avr32 and hppa could use some love…)

> emacs als auch vi zum Kotzen finde (joe rules) und pine für den einzig
> bedienbaren textmode-mailclient halte (und ich hab sie alle ausprobiert). ;)
Hallooooo, ich bin der Holger ("Hallo Holger!"), und ich bin ebenfalls
... pine-User, und das auch noch gewohnheitsmäßig ("Oooooooohhh").  [aus dasr]

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